Meet the Team

Kathlin Pearson

Senior Consultant

Kat loves to relax by playing puzzle games. Her favorite movie is Hook and her first concert was Reel Big Fish.

Nicki Spencer

Managing Director

Nicki has too many hobbies. Her favorites include running with her pup Cricket, relaxing on the back porch with a book, tending to her veggie garden, and traveling to new places.

Myndi Ivey

Senior Consultant

Myndi grew up in New Orleans and enjoys visiting for long weekends when she has time. Crawfish and Roast Beef poboys are two of her most favorite foods! She loves spending time with her husband and two daughters, ages 9 and 3.

Chad Borer


Chad wanted to be a fighter pilot when he was young but always promised his mom he’d be home for dinner. He spends his time working on his house and volunteering with youth ultimate frisbee.  He has two awesome dogs, Nanook and Sienna, who are best friends even though they’re 8 years apart.


Austin McCollum


Austin went to Penn State. His best piece of advice? Go to Penn State.

Heather Thompson

Senior Developer

Heather is our resident Systems Architect (16 times Salesforce Certified). Heather enjoys spending time on her farm in Ohio and has a cat named Caboose.

Jennifer Pandiscio


Jenn has been a fan of all things Disney since her first visit to meet the Mouse at age 3. She has a newly graduated son and a Freshman daughter and a dog and a cat. Yup, pretty much the perfect mix! She is new to Salesforce but has 21 years in Telecom as an end user and Business Analyst.

Melody McGloin


Mel is from Maine, went to the University of Phoenix, and now lives in Atlanta with her husband Rich and three children Sean, Brenna, and Genevieve. But she still loves to visit Maine in the summer months as her favorite vacation spot.

Hannah Westbrook


Hannah went to the University of Georgia (Go Dawgs!) She loves burritos and music and spends her free time practicing yoga, kayaking, and binge watching shows on Netflix.

Mike Granatelli

Talent Acquisition Manager

Mike is Italian, originally from Long Island, and loves pasta. He has two lovely pups named Maddie and Lucky, and a beautiful daughter Lily. He prefers beach vacations over mountain vacations. He is a self-proclaimed nerd and only started admitting that when he turned 30.

Kevin Fleck


Kevin went to the University of Florida. In his spare time he enjoys going to the gym, riding his bike, watching Hockey, studying Salesforce (seriously), reading, and playing with his children Carson, Audrey, and Marnie.

Criss Vanderburg

Managing Partner

Criss lives in Columbus, Ohio, and spends his free time jogging and playing with his two daughters. Criss has lived abroad in London and China before, and traveled across SE Asia for 3 months.

Cindy LeBeau


Cindy is based out of our Charlotte office. Outside of work she spends her time with her family, her dog named Cooper, and coaching the Varsity girls basketball team at the local high school.

Gene Nix

Managing Partner

Gene went to Georgia Tech and enjoys quiet afternoons with his family, a hot grill, blazing fire, and sound of the surf in the background.

Rob Freeland

Managing Partner

Rob and his wife Kim met when they were in kindergarten, and love spending their weekends at their house in The Lake of the Ozarks. As a child, Rob wanted to be a computer nerd when he grew up. Mission accomplished.

Adam Patton

Senior Developer

Adam went to North Carolina State University. He has been married to his wife Jenifer for almost 13 years and they have 5 children ranging in ages 2 to 11. They also have a 2 year old Goldendoodle named Loxley.

Brad Szabo


Brad is originally from Philly, lived in DC/Baltimore for 10 years and currently lives outside of Boston with his wife Ciara, daughter Kinsley and 2 dogs Giroux and Izzy.  On his downtime Brad enjoys catching a good game on tv, a nice firepit, music and grilling.

Brad Hildreth


Outside of work, Brad is an avid runner of all lengths of races, most notably marathons. He’s pretty fast, he even recently beat Tiki Barber. He also enjoys brewing his own beer, and has promised to share some of his batches with the Code Zero team.

Elaine (Lainy) Young

Senior Consultant

Lainy lives in Maine and went to the University of Maine in Orono. She has two children, Beth and Colby, and two Pomeranians named Zeus and Ziva. She loves spending time with family and her advise is to smile, because a single smile can bring a moment of happiness to someone.

Brian Neal

Managing Partner

Brian heads up our Billing Practice and runs our North Carolina office. He loves anything Duke and spending time with his family.

Dave Berry

Senior Developer

Dave grew up with music, and still loves listening to and playing music. His first concert was U2 Joshua Tree Tour 1987. His ideal night out is dinner and a movie with his wife, Taylor.

John Stevens

Solution Architect

John is a Chicagoan but currently lives in Colorado. John loves learning and teaching, and heads up Code Zero’s Lunch n Learn program. His advice – if you don’t have time to do it right, when will you have time to do it over again.

Rebekah Lafferty

Office Manager

Rebekah grew up in Florida and has lived there most of her life. Her favorite place to be is at the beach with her family and a good book. She and her husband Sean have two boys, a little girl, a dog, a guinea pig and a bearded dragon. Rebekah also has a pretty large collection of shark’s teeth.

Trevor Dolan


Trevor loves mountain sports. So naturally, he lives in Sarasota Florida with his wife, 2 kids and dog, Nelson. When not found kayaking in the bay
or at the beach with his family, Trevor can be found somewhere on the AT.

Steve Brock

Senior Consultant

Steve has eight kids. He went to Gregorian University in Rome, Italy, preceded by a couple of years in Salamanca, Spain, and high school in New Hampshire, and grade school in Texas and Arkansas. And he almost started kindergarten in Hawaii.


Arlene Heiser

Senior Consultant

Arlene is from the Washington D.C. area. She enjoys watching baseball and football, traveling, and hanging with her dog, Brady. Her favorite vacation is a relaxing  beach vacation with her husband and dog.


Meredith Mitchell


Meredith is an Atlanta native and studied Business at Georgia Southern University. She has 2 four legged children named Peyton and Avery. In her free time you will find her watching sports, traveling and spending time with her family and friends. Her best piece of advice? Learn something new every day.

Justin George

Senior Consultant

Justin was born in Chicago but moved to Atlanta when he decided winter was no longer his thing. He loves to solo travel, enjoys all sorts of outdoor activities, and could probably live the rest of his life on pepperoni pizza.

Eileen Smith

Senior Consultant

Eileen spent the last ten years on the west coast and decided it was time to give the east coast a try. She can’t get enough of nature and enjoys anything outdoor related. Whether it’s hiking up a mountain, camping on a beach, kayaking down a river, or mushroom foraging in the woods, count her in!


Kimberly Faison


Kimberly has lived in Europe and Asia, and now calls Washington, DC home. She’s passionate about food and is certified Holistic Health Coach who can’t pass up a good dessert. Kimberly also enjoys running and practicing yoga.



Louis Santiago


Louis graduated from Mercer University and immediately started working as an engineer for Uncle Sam. After realizing there is more out there than little Warner Robins, GA, he found his way to Atlanta and Salesforce Development. Outside of his drive for utilization goals, he spends his time running, powerlifting, and playing in intramural sports leagues.


Robert Strunk

Senior Consultant

A proud father of two boys and a self-proclaimed “cat lady” despite only having one cat. Robert has watched more than the recommended amount of Star Trek for one lifetime. Likes short walks on the beach on long sprints in agile apex development.

Bill Plummer

Managing Director

Raised in Atlanta, Bill is a graduate of both Emory University and Georgia Tech. On the weekends, he suffers through long morning runs to earn long afternoons wake surfing on Lake Allatoona. With 2 teenage boys, Bill and his wife Amy are practicing the art of patience and trying hard not to backseat drive.

Scot Albright

Engagement Manager

Scot is originally from Michigan, went to Western Michigan University, and now lives in Woodstock GA with his wife Cheri and two girls, Rachel and Katelyn.  When Scot is not working, family stuff or yard work, he enjoys running, tennis and bike riding.


Ben Heiss


Enjoys the challenge of finding solutions to difficult problems. Being international business perspective from his time studying in Germany. Loves board games, grilling, and family.    -Ben’s mother


Barb Mazur

Senior Consultant

Barb is a DePaul University grad with a passion for all things technology and finance. She moved from Chicago to Charlotte in 2014 to escape the polar vortex. Outside of work you can find her playing Nintendo with her 6 year old, reading at the beach or pool, or attempting DIY projects on her home

Joey Vitucci


Joey studied business at Indiana University and lives in Chicago, IL. His career has been focused on technology but his passion is running & climbing mountains!


Megan Shellman

Senior Consultant

Megan is a Georgia State graduate with a degree in computer science. She decided she needed to stop hiding from people in the server room and jumped headfirst into consulting. Aside from a love of Salesforce and big data, Megan spends her time powerlifting and searching for the perfect bottle of wine.


Chris Phillips

Senior Consultant

Chris and his fiancé Miriam live with their dog Riley and cat Ms. Cleo in Atlantic Station just north of Code Zero’s Atlanta office. In his free time Chris enjoys playing tennis and boardgames, taking Riley to the dog park, and continuing his quest for finding Atlanta’s best Pad Thai.

Cindy Courcelle

Senior Consultant

Cindy lives in New York with her husband and 2 boys. In her free time, she likes relaxing with her family in their backyard or at the beach.


Jamie Lindsay


Jamie is a Texas girl, living in and around the Houston area for her entire life. She spends her free time crafting with her 7 year old daughter and playing with their poodle, Maci.



As one of Code Zero’s earliest employees, Sienna has put her paw print on office locations, recruiting, and office morale. Her strengths include chasing frisbees, terrorizing squirrels, and making it acceptable to relax for a few minutes on the floor here at the office. Her weaknesses include belly rubs, Process Builder, and long mouse cords.


Cricket has way too many hobbies, just like her mom. Her favorites include chilling on the front porch with her dad, digging holes in her back yard alongside her best friend Kip, and chasing and catching animals small and large. She once caught a possum and brought it inside to show her mom, but the possum was still alive and started running around her mom’s house. Sneaky possums!

Nanook (“Nans”)

Nans is a wonderfully weird dog, is the best K9 road trip partner, and has traveled to 22 states plus Canada! She has been a therapy dog for aggressive dogs in her younger years and now enjoys playing with her buddy Sienna while enjoying delicious homemade raw meals.




Piper is a cheerful momma with the playfulness of a puppy. She recently moved from the snowy north and is delighted to be in the sunny south. Piper loves long walks around the neighborhood and cozy evenings watching movies on teh couch and snacking on popcorn with her family.


This is Ronnie and he’s just happy to be here! Braves baseball might be his favorite pastime, but developing lightning components is a very close second. When he’s not lounging on the couch with his mom and dad, he can be found scattering his toys around the house.



At the young age of 9, Vince decided to relocate to Atlanta with his new family and they are enjoying learning about each other.  At times he can be a grumpy old man but generally is happy to meet new people, taking long walks on the beltline and toys that make noise. He excels at herding consultants to complete project deliverables and is working on his halitosis



Riley was rescued from the Atlanta Humane Society when she was just a wee pup back in 2017. It’s a big scary world out there and Riley knows it and so she takes a bit to warm up to new people but once she does she’ll love you unconditionally. Even more unconditionally if you have a tennis ball!


Bowie, a recent daddy, is an aspiring Salesforce Developer. Bowie finds time to work on his trailheads and certifications in-between sniffing crotches and stealing chewy bones. While not in the office, he enjoys playing keep-away and tug-o-war with his friends. Bowie’s favorite quote is “That’s my bone!”



A true waterdog, Khalee is a people pleaser at heart. She has not met a ball she does not want to retrieve and then chase again… and again… and again. Khalee is not officially certified as a therapy dog, but she brightens everyone’s day with a big smile and greets everyone at the office with gusto. She is quick to roll over for a full belly rub and is known to troll the office in search of anyone looking for a break from CPQ projects.



Avery is an energetic puppy who was adopted by her favorite human from the humane society at 6 weeks. She loves going on walks, licking everyone she sees, and barking at other dogs on TV!