Our Story


The founding team at Code Zero took their experience from global consulting firms to create an evolved firm that is able to provide the same level of maturity as the larger firms, while remaining transparent and flexible. We enjoy guiding and collaborating with clients to creatively address each business problem and apply our broad industry experience. Our priority is to be truly relevant for each client’s business model and maturity level while still being very easy to do business with. We know that a “one size fits all” solution won’t work.

One of the driving forces in the founding of Code Zero was to create a collaborative and supportive culture. We are genuine and transparent, not only with each other but with our clients as well. We are very proud of our culture, our team, and the results that we provide to our clients.


Smart People Doing Right By You.

We understand your struggles with half-baked sales strategies and operational inefficiencies. We were there once, too. That’s why we started Code Zero. We wanted to use our “lessons learned” insights and problem solving skills to help fellow tech strugglers win Salesforce.


As consultants, we’re born collaborators. We will work with you to build IT systems and software integration solutions that make your bosses smile and competition take notice.

Purpose Built

We built our Code Zero to provide purpose-built consulting within the Quote-to-Cash (QTC) space of the Salesforce ecosystem leveraging decades of experience.

Zero Code

Well not exactly, but it keeps us focused on our goal. We know the capabilities of Salesforce and exhaust every native configuration before looking to code as a solution, resulting in a lower cost of ownership and easier Salesforce upgrades.


Help our clients get to their destination quickly and efficiently.


Support a wide range of functional areas with industry specific knowledge in the lead to cash space.


React quickly to changing market conditions, helping our clients create competitive advantages, increase sales, and increase operational efficiencies.

While we’re not all sailors, we are all about saving you from
tumultuous technology waters.

What we do

While Code Zero is new to the market, our team brings decades of experience from simple projects to the most complex and ambitious integrations in the high technology, manufacturing, healthcare, media, telecommunications, and consulting industries. We are passionate about helping our clients quickly adapt to changing technology by focusing on elegant, efficient, and scalable solutions that maximize operational value and minimize long-term costs.

Our Name

While we love our work as consultants, we also make sure that it’s not the only thing we do. Several of our founders are avid sailors and when we were considering names for our new firm, there was no shortage of sailing terms being thrown around. One that stood out was Code Zero.